We provide the following Excellent Certificated Professional Agile courses and workshops:
Introduction to Agile, Agile Product Delivery Team, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance, Business Transformation, and Agile Teamwork.
These enable participants to acquire the right skills and requisite knowledge to practice Agile within teams.


We conduct Agile Assessments to determine your Agility status, so that you can opt for action plans that will improve your already existing best practice and introduce measures to becoming truly Agile.

Agile Business

The new age of Information Technology demands new ways of thinking and working. Blue Ocean Agility will work with you to transform and improve your overall processes. By using an Agile Way of Working (AWOW), we will show you the best Agile practices and techniques, which can be used powerfully to enable you to efficiently deliver your goals and objectives, within Budget, Time and with all the quality required.

Agile Consultancy

Our team of knowledgeable and creative consultants will work with you in complete collaboration through each phase of your transformative Agile Way of Working (AWOW) journey.
Transformation can be complicated, chaotic and challenging and will require mindset change. Our consultants will work hand in hand with you to support and show you how to seamlessly navigate this journey successfully.


Agile is simple to learn yet difficult to master. Using a series of planned formal and informal techniques, our Agile coaching is designed to impart full knowledge of the intricacies and practicalities of implementing Agile. Blue Ocean Agility Coaching will support you to sustain your Agile Way of Working journey and to eventually master it.

Agile QualityAssurance

As a quality centered organization, we will encourage and enable you to become quality conscious and to apply the relevant and appropriate quality standards in your organisation.
This will ensure that all your organization’s products, events and/or services are quality assured, fit for purpose and exactly what your Users, Clients and Customers require.


Blue Ocean Agility’s USP is that we train, home grow and mentor local talent to become global standard Agile Professionals and Practitioners.
We therefore have teams of associate members, who are all fully trained, dynamic and creative Agile Professionals ready to be placed appropriately in your organisation when required.

Building Agile Communities

Blue Ocean Agility is passionate about Agile. We want to shout about it, promote it and evangelise about it. We do this through organizing fun, interesting and interactive Agile Workshops and Meet Ups, as well as using online social media platforms in order to build communities.
In addition to the above, the new information technology age we all currently live and work can enable your business and organisation to potentially grow exponentially by building communities.
The process of building communities must be strategically planned and is fundamental in order to prepare for and successfully achieve exponential growth.
Blue Ocean Agility can help and guide you to organise and facilitate bespoke fun interactive sessions which will enable you to create and experiment with ideas and strategies to build successful and sustainable communities who will champion, promote and sell your products, services and events.