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You need an agile training and business consultancy for your business. There is significant anecdotal evidence that adopting agile practices and values improves the agility of software professionals, teams and organizations. When you think Agile Training Consultancy in Ghana, think Blue Ocean Agility.

We provide an ecosystem where AGILE professionals are groomed, developed, connect and offer their services to best of their ability to the fast and ever changing world of business, and their need for a sustainable and efficient delivery of products, leveraging on cutting edge technology.

Blue Ocean Agility Agile training consultancy

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Blue Ocean Agility offers an array of Agile training and consultancy services, tailored for your specific business need

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Agile Training

We provide Excellent Certificated Agile courses and workshops because of our goal and commitment to “Each One Teach One” as well as Agile as a framework to help Africa leapfrog through the digital transformation phase of development.

Agile Assessment

We conduct Agile Assessments to determine your Agility status. We use a tool and partnership with Agile Capability Limited. This is the first of its kind and affords us a focused way to address key areas for transformation.

Agile Business Transformation

The new age of Information Technology demands new ways of thinking and working. Our focus is to use Kanban and other Agile framework tools, to consult you through business data analytics and business intelligence and extract information to help your people self-organise with processes, tools and systems.

Agile Consultancy Services

Our team of knowledgeable and creative consultants will work with you in complete collaboration. We are Agile training consultants who take the time to understand your business and together help your teams to self-organise  to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently.